Chicken Heads Be Cluckin’

By: machiasschoen

Feb 24 2010

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Atmosphere is often times non-sensical, opinionated, and downright morbidly, obtusely depressing.  However, taking the following lyrics quite literally, as that is often the easiest way to take most things (I think this song is about a girl by the way- refer to my comments above), I quite agree with his inglorious, scathing review of the often idealized and idolized BIRD.

Bird Sings Why the Caged I Know- Atmosphere (Cue stilted, lilting, banging, beat).

“What’s she thinking? does she really believe
That shes above the creatures that work the dirt and the streets
See her up in the tree, looking down at you and me
Like she’s chosen over those who walk around on two feet
The bird, the melodys she play
The music she make, rubbing our faces in the feces of the daybreak
Trying to remind us, its time to awake
Antaganizing and instigating my hate
The chirps, I turn them into screams
My feathered friends end will justity the means
Disturbed, I’ll grab her by her beak
And swing her in circles untill she’s too dizzy to speak

Well I’ll shake her from her branch, tear apart her nest
Break her skinny legs and fry her eggs up for breakfast
(she’s a snake that can fly) she’s just food for the fleas
She thinks she’s better then me just because she’s free?”

Bam!  Harsh words!  Just words!  However, I draw attention to the last line of the chorus, with a quick lesson about EGGS.  It is basic, and to the point, and not incredibly important, but here goes:  Not all free range eggs are good!  Many free range chickens are raised in barns, overcrowded, and generally not all that hygenic, and the myth about the more orange the yolk, the more healthy?  Possibly true, as the nutrients found in insects, grubs, and the general out of doors do tint the yolk orange, but the orange can be added by other means, including, algae!  (Thanks to Wikipedia for that hastily thrown together synopsis).

In conclusion- Organic>Natural/Freerange>Caged= Come to my house and my mom will sell you a dozen for a dollar, and maybe even clean them for you!


One comment on “Chicken Heads Be Cluckin’”

  1. birds are fit but they know it

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