Board Meeting

By: machiasschoen

Feb 05 2010

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This photo presents to me juxtaposition.  A juxtaposition of two elements, two differing worlds, and two completely different ideas of the word board.  I pray that a different type of board (bored), doesnt overwhelm you while reading this post, but please press on, as boardom, the frothy whet kind (not the tusky Alabama kind), may actually be an achievable elightened state, as opposed to dreary, relentless pressure of boredom (a mental state easily overcome by surfing, might I add).

The main juxtaposition up for discussion here is the ENVIRONMENT!  That seemingly harmless 5’10” Fish board (which I can’t ride at all) leaning on that wall of rotten, wooden boards there , is actually a vessel that took 400,000 lbs of carbon emissions to create!  Add in the approximate 7.6 tons of Carbon emitted per year driving to and from the beach (and to the next beach to see if the waves are a little better, and maybe away from Higgins when all of Canada descends on it in the summer), approximately 2.3 tons of carbon emitted if you want to fly to some exotic swell location, and surfers are churning out an estimated 10.1 tons, or 20,200 lbs of carbon each and every year! (Many thanks to Tobias Schulz for all his hard work on somehow churning out all of those figures (, and also from

On top of this, wetsuits, leashes, rash guards, board shorts, wax, traction pads, and even flip flops are made using oil and a host of other foul ingredients, so if like me you are constantly, losing, breaking, or wearing out your equipment, the footprint continues to grow.

However!  Surfers are also incredibly environmental conscious, as their very sport depends on clean waters, clean beaches, and mother earth herself sending some half assed swell into the dankest reaches of Maines kinked and contorted coastline.

To wrap up the examination of this juxtaposition…or…summary of two other websites…  Be smart about surfing!  Surf local, don’t litter, carpool, plan your trips, don’t fly unnecessarily, and be on the lookout for green, locally made products, which gets me back to my original point about this faux artsy square chunk of image you see above:

Buy a wooden surfboard (from Grain), so you can lean it against your neighbors shithole condemned apartment and take poser pictures with it and put it on your blog, and you will feel much better about yourself!

My greatest apologies for never arriving at a juxtaposition, and my general admission that I have next to no idea what a juxtaposition is!


2 comments on “Board Meeting”

  1. meow to that brotherman

  2. I’m going to juxtapose you and your SUV… which I love.

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