Macking in Mid-Coast

By: machiasschoen

Feb 01 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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Escaping the hordes of neoprene-clad salt water warriors in the Southern Maine area is never very difficult, as there are rarely hordes congregated.  However, with a good south swell pushing its way into the inner depths of the gulf (of maine), it always feels liberating to assemble board mountain, pack a cooler of essentials, throw my sopping wet stink infested pile of wetsuit shreds into my basket, and head for the sandy beaches of the central coast.  With a little more pop than the piles of whitewater that slide lazily into the Southern Maine area, and a little more space to let loose with a few wolf calls, Mid-Coast is a land of adventure, liberty and perhaps most importantly, FROTHING HEAVING PITS.  Beach breaks, rivermouths, and the odd right point provide a slippery amusement park on all tides and wind directions, and the estimated 4.3 surfers in the area provide hours of empty waves.


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